Fishing Bait & Lures

Fishing Bait & Lures

Don’t Forget the Essentials!

Imagine you’re on your way to fish at a lake about an hour away, when all of a sudden you remember that you forgot to pack bait or lures. If you’re in the Wagga Wagga area, there’s no need to panic or cancel the trip. All you need to do is stop at Silvalite Fuel Stop to pick up what you need for your fishing trip! 

At Silvalite, we have an abundant selection of bait that you can use to make the big catch of the day. If you’re looking to put dinner on the table tonight, our bait will do the trick! Stop in and browse our selection of bait and lures today.

Come & See Us 

Ensure you have everything you need for your fishing trip by visiting Silvalite Fuel Stop. Here, you can fill up your tank with Liberty petrol, grab a quick bite to eat on the go, stock up on toiletries and shop our selection of bait and lures to make sure you have the ones you need.
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